Battlefield 4: 64 Player MP at E3, PC Fidelity With Next-Gen Consoles – DICE

Battlefield 4 screenshot 1

DICE has teased some cool stuff at E3 this year. Earlier we speculated that it’s going to be Mirror’s Edge 2 but that isn’t confirmed yet.

However, Lars Gustavsson from DICE has revealed that they will be showing 64 player Battlefield 4 at E3. They have also hinted at some cool new stuff and are aiming to reach PC fidelity with next-gen consoles.

They have also said that they expect jaws to drop during their presentation. EA’s conference timings can be found here.

Microsoft goes first on June 10th followed by EA, Ubisoft and Sony. Nintendo won’t be holding an E3 conference but you can expect some games to be shown since they will be participating there as well.