Battlefield 3 Aftermath: DICE releases an overview video of Talah Market

Battlefield 3’s new expansion titled Aftermath will hit PSN users today, and EA and DICE have released a new video of a new map.

Talah Market was internally known as Marketplace at DICE, and the map requires you to play for the team to excel and considering the market setting there will be some close quarters gameplay for sure.

The map was designed with Counter Strike in mind because the designers at the studio are big fans of Valve’s competitive shooter and the market was inspired by it. They wanted to bring some old-school shooter tradition into the game and they have also revealed that it is an extremely competitive map and just like Counter Strike expect to get your head blown off.

It’s more like an arena DICE says than the Rush mode from Battlefield games where you have to go from Point A to B to C. The PS3 gets the DLC a week earlier and it will be available for Xbox 360 and PC in December.

Check out the video they have released below.