Battlefield 1 Beta Had 13.8 Million Players, Here Are The Stats

battlefield 1 image

Battlefield 1 will probably break all previous Battlefield games sales records if beta player count is anything to go by. EA and DICE have revealed that the beta had 13.8 million players enjoying the desert map which had conquest and rush.

As expected the Medic class was the one that was used the least and the Assault class was the one that was used the most. There were 28.9 million melee kills and 13 million skills by the armoured train. There were also 23.8 million road kills. 62.2 million were on a horse as well.

The game ran pretty well and the netcode was good too. The beta surprisingly did not have enough problems and it looks like the main game will run pretty well at launch, which is kinda weird considering their previous games had a poor launch with numerous problems.

You can check out the chart below. The first trailer also notched up a lot of views.


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