Batman: Arkham Origins info blowout: New enemy types, equipment, large game world, more

We have a ton of details of Batman: Arkham Origins and this prequel is shaping up to be a great game.

It’s developed by Warner Bros Montreal and not Rocksteady Games, but that shouldn’t be a discouraging thing as these details sound really good. The developer is however working on a top secret project, which we assume to be a next-gen game.

The game is a prequel and doing that lets the team carve a unique territory if Rockstar gets interested in the Arkham timeline.

Players will be familiar with the combat system and young batman gives them opportunity to refresh things a bit. There are said to be new enemy types and considering this is a younger Batman, he won’t be as skilled as the one in the previous games.

The predator mode is back and allows Batman to do mean things to enemies like moving from perch to perch and hanging goons upside-down. The remote claw has been made like the one in Just Cause 2 where you can fire two hooks and do cool things with it like smashing objects into enemies or playing around with them.

There are two Gothams; old and new, and the skycrapers are said to be taller and more impressive. Both these cities are connected with a bridge.

Optional missions like crime in progress give experience point bonuses and also contributes to Gotham City Police Department’s appreciation of Batman. Doing these missions are optional but recommend because they offer upgrades.

Much love to GameInformer. Please buy the latest issue to find a lot more details on the game.

Some screenshots:

 batman arkham origins screenshot 1

batman arkham origins screenshot 3

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