Batman: Arkham Knight Info Blowout: Combat, Graphics, City, More

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Batman: Arkham Knight was officially unveiled yesterday for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, and we have loads of new information for you courtesy of GameInformer Magazine. The game is being developed by Rocksteady Studios and will be released later this year.

Since the game is on the next-gen consoles it allows developers to a lot more and include clever gameplay mechanics. It was revealed that the Batmobile will be drivable this time and can be called at any moment with a button.

The streets are wider to support the Batmobile and will be able to rocket jump off ramps. Batman will be able to perform cool maneuvers  and will also be able to break glass by gliding into it. There are new moves like quick ground takedown and quick backflip.

The Batmobile is said to be very strong and fires missiles and stun guns. Gotham City is 5 times bigger than the one in Arkham City and is split into three areas. There will be no load times and entering buildings is seamless.

-No more pre-rendered cinematics, everything is done in engine
-The larger riots can have up to 50 people flipping cars and looting stores.

-Things such as Gordon’s trench coat and Batman’s cape now have Apex cloth physics. They react realistically to changes in wind and movement
-When it rains rains bead of water run down Batman’s suit tracing every groove
-The wrinkles on Gordon’s face crinkle as he talks

The City
-The city is as detailed as ever with realistic moving clouds with the moon shining through
-Halloween characters and balloons litter the street adding a creepy vibe
-Neon signs of the various shops shine brightly around the city
-The skyline has helicopters and blimps flying through it
-Steam puffs out of the sewers in a realistic way

It’s a single player only game and runs on a modified Unreal Engine. The game looks very gorgeous and is a true “next-gen game”, according to Rocksteady.