Batman: Arkham Knight delayed, New CE Revealed

batman arkham knight batmobile edition

If you’re looking to play Batman: Arkham Knight on the PS4 and Xbox One this October, then you might be a bit disappointed because the game comes out next year.

Warner Bros. have revealed the new release date for the game which is June 2nd. That makes this a delay of more than 5 months.

Fans looking to own their own batmobile will be happy to know that the new collector’s edition called the Batmobile Edition–costing $199.99–contains a transformable version of the statue.

The limited edition costs $99.99 and comes with a steelbook, a limited edition DC Batman: Arkham Knight $0 comic, three unique skins from The New 52 comics and a Batman memorial Statue, along with an 80 page art book which contains concept art.

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