Attack on Titan Video Game Release Date Confirmed

Attack on Titan video game is in production and will be released in 2014, it has been revealed. The game will be based on the popular anime and manga.

attack on titan video game featured

This was revealed by Attack on Titan producer George Wada. The anime is currently underway and there have been 13 episodes telecast so far, with plenty more episodes in the pipeline. People who are impatient to know the story can just read the manga as it contains a lot more story elements.

The video game should be based on this as well and the developers are yet to be revealed. Part of me is hoping CyberConnect2 of Asura’s Wrath fame develops the game as they are proficient at creating something like this.

The story is about humans and titans who are at war and the titans rule the entire world while the humans are trapped inside a walled enclosure.