Atlus announces new Release Date for Persona 5, Fans Upset

persona 5 ps4 1

Persona 5, a highly anticipated RPG from Atlus, has been delayed to April 5th next year. The game was delayed for quality reasons and will be missing a showdown with Final Fantasy XV which comes out in November.

RPG fans still have something to look forward to this year and hopefully Square Enix can deliver. The Persona franchise has a huge fanbase and the last game was released on the PlayStation Vita as well. It’s a good way to get into the franchise and prepare for Persona 5’s launch.

On the plus side, Atlus has announced that during launch fans can enjoy both English and Japanese voice overs. The game will also be playable at PlayStation Experience. Japanese voices will be available as free DLC at launch.

The game will be released on the PS3 and PS4, no mention of PC platform yet from Atlus. The game was originally intended for PS3 but was also announced for PS4.

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