Assassin’s Creed Origins Has a CPU Spike Due to Denovo DRM

PC gamers dislike Denovo DRM a lot and it is also something that many PC publishers use in their games to prevent piracy.

Denovo isn’t unhackable but it does offer a few days of peace of mind for the publishers. However, PC gamers who buy their games legit do not like it due to the various issues it causes on their PC.

PC gamers looking forward to Assassin’s Creed Origins should know that the game has a 40% additional CPU usage due to the DRM.

This is a new kind of Denovo implementation which has caused no cracks to be released yet.

So if you are wondering why there’s so much CPU usage while playing Assassin’s Creed: Origins, the DRM Denovo might be the culprit.

There are no benefits of DRM as it only punishes people who buy games and no the pirates. Hopefully, publishers will do things that do not hurt legit gamers to fight piracy.

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Thanks, Revolt (scene group)/DSOGaming.