Anthem Looks Like a Failure, Can BioWare Salvage the Game?

EA’s Anthem which had quite a bit of hype considering the innovative Iron Man type mech combat and flying systems is looking like a flop. The game was not well received by critics but they did praise the combat. The game does not even have a pvp mode so it is unlikely to sustain a lot of interest among gamers.

Destiny had a lot of problems as well at launch but it had a loyal fan following because of how addictive the gameplay was. Bungie listened to the fans and kept improving the game and lost the plot for Destiny 2.

Anthem requires a lot of improvements and there’s going to be a content drop coming soon but BioWare has to fix the fundamentals of the game and improve the loot system.

Bungie went through a lot to fix the original Destiny and it was only possible because fans were patient. Will BioWare receive the same reception from the fans of the game?

It remains to be seen what the sales are for Anthem and if does not sell well it will be interesting to see what EA does with the game.

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