Announcement about the future of Gran Turismo on May 15

It seems a new Gran Turismo will be revealed on May 15th as Sony has started sending invites.

The venue is Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire, where the future of Gran Turismo announcement will happen. It is also GT’s 15th anniversary, so not a bad moment to announce it.

Gran Turismo 6 was rumoured to be revealed after a slip up by Sony’s Michael Denny and numerous spotting of the game on various retailers’ websites.

Check out the invite below. We will keep you updated once we receive more information on this.

Update: Video released by Sony.

  • greenpowerz

    why even bother anymore sony ? forza has already left you in the dust with suproir graphics and advance gameplay i’m more interested in what MS will bring to the table with more forza this year :)

    • oo7PorscheMGS

      why? Maybe because GT is still the biggest selling racing game, that’s why ;) With 1000 cars and what MANY people consider to be the best physics engine…. maybe that’s why ;)

      • Da Geez

        Yeah, GT certainly sells well… and those sales numbers are definitely well desired for GT1-4. There’s no doubt that Polyphony were, repeat WERE, the leaders of the pack back in the ps2 days. But when was that again… oh yeah 8-9 years ago.

        GT5 did not, definitely DID NOT, deserve to sell as well as it did considering the value and quality given. Polyphony produced a messy, buggy half though out game with GT5, there are redeeming features, but many MANY miss-steps. GT5 only sold well because it rode on the coat-tails of the previous GT games.

        As highlighted below…

        Of those 1000 cars… we have 52 versions of one car… the Nissan Skyline!!! Also… remember the shoddy porting of PS2 quality cars straight into GT5 from GT4/3? Please remember that at launch there were only around 200-250 high poly next gen cars of those 1000, with cockpit views. The rest were desperate ports from previous versions of GT to pad out an
        otherwise lame 200-300 REAL next-gen cars!!! The tracks follow a similar story…

        STOP spouting numbers, they mean nothing… let’s talk about the quality given to the gamer… and with GT5 it was seriously lacking.

        • oo7PorscheMGS

          Oh ok, I’m sorry, 700 “unique” cars instead… still twice the number of the competition.. and you said Forza looks better… that’s your opinion… in mine and many other’s opinion, GT still has the most realistic graphics / interiors / physics as well. And about bugs…… I can’t even think of any “bugs” GT5 has at the moment… it might have had 2-3 small ones in the past that I also cant even remember… but for such a HUGE game they were certainly nothing big. Look at skyrim and see how many bugs that game has.. that is a game with “bugs”. GT5 is certainly not, and as I said it is updated every week or two with new races / updates to make sure bugs go away (cheaters have been banned this past month actually). GT5 can only be called “lacking” in the clunky menus and slow loading possibly, it DEFINITELY delivered on features… so many people still play it today online… tons of cars / upgrade finesse, tons of replay value. You talk about value and then complain about the graphic quality of the tracks… I could care less about which game has THE best looking tracks / cars actually (even though I still think GT beats the competition there as well), I would rather have quantity.. that is where the quality is….. 70 tracks AND a track maker AND 1000 cars (yes some don’t have full interiors but they are STILL cars with a GREAT physics / driving engine……..) means you won’t get bored with GT5 if you’re a car lover. GT6 can only improve, it does need new cars and a better 1 player career mode.

  • The Truth

    Couldn’t give a flying F. GT has been surpassed by every other racing sim and arcade racer. PD is just WAAAAAY too slow.

    • oo7PorscheMGS

      If you don’t care why are you here? PD is “slow” as in??? They released a game with 1000 cars a couple years ago last time I checked, and 70 tracks, and a track maker…. and one of THE best driving physics engines out there, and they continue to support the online with new seasonal races every week or two………. Oh, and there is a “little” game called GT6 which might be announced pretty soon;) Doesn’t sound too slow to me, sounds like the biggest selling racing franchise on the market. I was looking forward to GRID 2 this month, but after I see GT6 I have a feeling I won’t care to even pick up GRID 2, mostly because they’re ditching the cockpit view and I know GT6 will offer TONS more replay value. We’ll see. At least I don’t judge the product and say it is “surpassed” before I even see it or put any evidence behind it… ;)

      • Da Geez

        Dear oh Dear… yet more sonyfanboy delusion.

        So you are touting 1000 cars and 70 tracks as proof of Polyphonys ability to work fast? Well ok… let’s look at that shall we…

        So… of those 1000 cars… we have 52 versions of one car… the Nissan Skyline… wow… really!!! So this is Polyphony giving loads of unique value is it??? That sounds like some serious desperate padding to me. Also… remember the shoddy porting of PS2 quality cars straight into GT5 from GT4/3? Please remember that at launch there were only around 200-250 high poly next gen cars of those 1000, with cockpit views. The rest were desperate ports from previous versions of GT to pad out an otherwise lame 200-300 REAL next-gen cars!!! Shocking when you look at the real facts.

        Of those 70 tracks… yeah there were a few good tracks for sure… but remember that, just like the cars, tracks were ported directly from previous last gen versions. Which resulted in some very bland sparsely populated tracks. Again… last minute desperate padding from Polyphony(sony when it comes down to it),

        So in conclusion, despite a poor sonyfanboy attempt to make Polyphony look fast, we are left with the following facts. In 6 years Polyphony only produced…

        Cars – 200-300 real next-gen cars on launch(700+ shoddy padding)
        Environments – a handful of nextgen tracks along with a bunch of last-gen ports.

        Polyphony wanted complete control over the development of their assets, which is admirable, but very very very slow… obviously too slow for sony, who rushed them to release.

        The Froza franchise eclipsed the GT series on version 3… with Forza4 clearly taking the crown for console driving games. The Forza team are a relatively small, but highly experienced and talented core team, with a large, tried and trusted, outsourcing team(spread across the world) that pumps out masses of high quality assets. Polyphony HAVE to let go of the old ps2 days(where they had complete control) and do the same thing as the Forza team if they are to even remotely compete in the nextgen(Xbox Fusion and ps4).

        ATM… the GT series is not even in the top 3 of driving games… the series is sub-par now. Shame really.

        • oo7PorscheMGS

          Spin it however you want… GT5 still had 1000 cars. 250-300 had interior views as well. 70 tracks. And a track maker. AND an amazing physics engine that has been great since the PS1 and is truly amazing on the PS3 (they tested a real race car driver in the game and on the real track and their lap time in the game was less than ONE second off than it was in real life……..) In my opinion that is value / realism / that is a car lover’s realistic driving game. It’s the biggest car museum really, and it lets you drive those cars as well. GT6 will only build on that. And you say I am a fanboy yet you talk about Forza Forza Forza… just because I think one racer is better than the other doesn’t make me a “fanboy”. ;) I AM a fan of great games… and I do think GT is the greatest console car game. Yes 52 skylines and so many mazda miata cars is stupid, but don’t forget the HUNDREDS of other cars that are great.. even WITHOUT the 7 HUNDRED “old cars” from GT4 which were UPGRADED graphically and more importantly upgraded to the PS3 game’s physics engine… the game still had 300 HD new cars…easily competing with the competition…. And the 2nd game on the console is usually the one with even more features / cars……. so again I can’t wait for GT6, and I don’t think they’ll let Forza get away so quick.

  • meniacleman

    coolness cant wait

    • oo7PorscheMGS

      hell yea, just give us WAY more ferrari, Lambo, PAGANI… and maybe some real Porsches lol, I’m still hoping SONY gets that license away from EA… I don’t know why PD can’t make a deal and get Porsche’s in their game… I’m guessing it’s because they refuse to give too much money to EA.. but either way it’s sad to see one of the best car brands hidden from the most realistic driving game.

  • Yeah…

    Sony sucks and GT is now the biggest loser franchise.

    • oo7PorscheMGS

      sounds like a fanboy to me ;) GT is the biggest and is still a beast for the playstation franchise… please don’t be jealous because other people get to play what you sadly don’t have on your system… you’ll get over it ;) Think about other things, child.

  • Da Geez

    GT 1-3 were awesome… no doubt about that.

    But GT4 was a massive misstep, it was just such a buggy disjointed mess. Maybe GT5 will fix all the issues? But I doubt it.

    • Da Geez

      GT4 = GT5
      GT5 = GT6

      My bad… in the end… who cares… the series has been well and truly superseded