Andrew House set to take over Sony Network Entertainment, Tim Schaaff to retire

Some changes are happening at Sony, as SCE president Andrew House continues his ascension in the company.

Sony Network Entertainment president Tim Schaaff will retire onDecember 31st, and Andrew house will take his place. House recently became the president of Sony Computer Entertainment after Kaz Hirai took over as CEO of the entire company.

It’s good that a Playstation guy is in charge of the network, as building a concrete web network with Playstation at the core can mean great things if Sony manage to pull it off. Shaaff, however, will still be on the board of directors at the company. SEN connects different Sony devices and is extremely vital for the company where growth is concerned.

“Tim has been a strong leader within Sony who truly embodied the ‘One Sony’ spirit by successfully leading corporate-wide initiatives across business units since he joined,” said Kazuo Hirai, President and CEO, Sony Corporation. “I thank Tim for his passion and innumerable contributions to the company.”

“Under the leadership of Kaz, and Sir Howard Stringer before him, Sony gave me tremendous support to build a global team to coordinate and lead the company’s network service business,” said Tim Schaaff.

“Together we created something of significant value that will be an important part of Sony’s future. I’m grateful to have had this unique opportunity, proud of the commitment my team has demonstrated, and encouraged about Sony’s prospects in this strategic area.”

Kaz Hirai has a lot of faith in House, and this is one way of showing it.

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