AMD Hardware Is As Good as Nvidia ones, but Drivers Inferior – Carmack

John Carmack has revealed that AMD can match Nvidia when it comes to hardware but Nvidia has an advantage when it comes to drivers.

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This is something that PC gamers have consistently noticed, and even though AMD hardware can sometimes sport better specs, the performance would usually be uneven.

He also revealed what are his favourite tools of trade. He loves Visual Studio, Nvidia GPUs and Intel CPUs. AMD will be providing hardware for next-gen consoles and there shouldn’t be a worry about unoptimsed drivers because the platform holders will be handling all that.


Well there you go. He had also said earlier that consoles can offer 2x more performance than a similarly specc’ed PC.

  • N4GCrossingEden

    The PC God has spoken, Xbox One trumps PS4. The shitty AMD GPU Sony has is lame and cheap; With extreme DDR5 RAM XBox one will compete with high end PCs. Deal with it Sony slaves and Nintendo Drones!

    • BOSS

      the ps4 gpu is 50% more powerful than the xbox one..
      the hell you talking about you moron.

      and if im not mistaken they are both using AMD architecture

    • brianc6234

      Are you on drugs or just retarded?

    • Magilla187

      are you on LSD or something you retard

      not to mention the PS4 is the one with the GDDR5 not the X1 also the PS4 is %50 more powerful then the X1