All PS4’s to Receive HDR Feature, Will Microsoft Follow?


Sony announced during the PS4 Pro reveal event all PS4s would be getting the HDR update. HDR stands for high dynamic range and it allows an HDR enabled TV to output brighter images and more colours.

One of the main USPs of the PS4 Pro is that it can output HDR and run games at a 4K resolution. Although, it is not native resolution and checkerboard implementation.

HDR by itself can massively increase the image quality. Microsoft Xbox One S has built in HDR capability so we wonder if it was really easy to update a console with HDR via a firmware, will Microsoft do the same? For now the only way to experience Gears of War 4 in HDR is to buy the Xbox One S.

HDR TVs are a bit more expensive than other TVs and some TVs have both Dolby Vision and HDR. Dolby Vision shows 12-bit colours and HDR shows 10-bit colours. Most HDR TV panels are 10-bit.

HDR could be a gamechanger for Sony as it will make people buy Sony TVs to get a taste of improved games. Releasing a firmware to patch HDR in is a good move from Sony, who have been lately taking the flak for making a lot of unnecessary moves.

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