Aliens: Colonial Marines ships 1.31 million units, Sega financials are in

Sega has just revealed via their financial report that Aliens: Colonial Marines has shipped 1.31 million.

That probably makes them break even on the game but we really don’t have an idea of how much money they paid Gearbox for developing the game.

We know that Gearbox outsourced majority of development to TimeGate Studios, who are now rumoured to be closed. You can read the entire saga here.

Selling 1.31 million units should be good news for them since the game was blasted in reviews and there were possibilities that consumers would reject the game, but that wasn’t the case. The game has sold decently, however, the reason for such shipment figures could be blamed on pre-orders.

You have to feel a bit disappointed in Sega and Gearbox for failing to make proper use of the license, but fans waiting for a great Aliens game probably have to wait some more.

Here are the rest of the numbers:

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed did 1.36 million; Yakuza 5 has shifted 590,000 units so far; and the company recorded $332 million in profit for the year. Not bad Sega, not bad.sega financialsSource – Sega financials.