Agni’s Philosophy tech demo ran on a GTX 680, specs revealed

Square Enix released their tech demo Agni’s Philosophy afew months ago, and while it completely mesmerized many, we did not get a proper description of how the demo was made and what hardware it ran on.

They recently revealed that the demo took them a year to create, with six months spent for planning, and another six months for developing the demo itself. It was made by a team of 30 people (via credits of the demo).

Now, Epic Games had released their Samaritan tech demo as well, and we know for a fact that it ran on a GTX 680 and took 30 people to make toiling away for four months.

In comparison, Agni’s Philosophy also ran on a GTX 680 and at a smooth 60FPS. The demo also utlised 1.8 GB VRAM and the processor was an  i7-3770K 3.5GHz one. The slide below confirms that the demo was indeed running at 60 FPS

Square Enix also tweaked the demo in real time, which showed how flexible their next-generation Luminous Engine was. The engine is created by Square Enix specifically for next gen purposes and is aimed at smartphones and tablets as well.

The engine is unfinished and they are still working on it,  Square Enix technical director Yoshihisa Hashimoto revealed.

“Luminous Studio was not created for the sole purpose of making triple-A games,” he revealed.

“Luminous Studio itself will not only be used to power PC and console games, but also used for smartphone, tablet, and looking even further ahead, cloud-based platforms. The aim is to broaden the vision of the company, and establish a better integrated game development environment.”

Check out the recent video they released which shows how they can tweak the demo in real time.

Via Gamewatch