Agni’s Philosophy gets a bunch of stunning tech demo videos

Agni’s Philosophy is something that Square Enix have created to showcase the Luminous engine.

They have released a bunch of tech demos that shows how exactly they made the stunning demo which was shown earlier to press in Japan. It can be manipulated in real time and features great lighting effects.

The Luminous engine is said to be still unfinished but the company is working hard on it. The tech demo took one year to make and six months went into planning for the thing. This is quite long compared to the Unreal Engine 3 Samaritan tech demo that was finished in 4 months with 30 people working on it.

The Agni’s Philosophy tech demo was running on a system with a 680 GTX Nvidia video card and a lot of RAM and quad core CPU. In a recent article on 4gamer, there was a lot of information revealed about the demo and a bunch of videos were shown too which you can check out below.

There’s no mention of any game running on the Luminous engine, but Final Fantasy XIV should be the game that will showcase what it can do.