Activision R&D creates stunning next-gen rendering tech

The Call of Duty publisher has released a terrific next-gen tech demo showing highly detailed faces at GDC 2013.

This is something that won’t be put into games any time soon since this level of quality cannot be achieved on many platforms, however, a tech demo does give us a glimpse of what’s possible in the future. This demo is running on a Nvidia Titan in Direct X11 at 180 fps.

“We will show how each detail is the secret for achieving reality. For us, the challenge goes beyond entertaining; it’s more about creating a medium for better expressing emotions, and reaching the feelings of the players,” Jorge Jimenez, technical director of Activision Blizzard, revealed.

Check out the video below.

  • Hassan Ahmed

    I’d like to see his face when he gets stabbed in the back lol

  • Nacho Zaragoza

    one word… WOW!

  • Pani B

    Amazing but what’s the point it’s not like they release any decent games to complement the tech.

  • rvernon

    Not enough juice. There should be saliva on the lips and teeth. Not a lot. Well, some people do spit a lot when they talk. Also gunk. Eye jam. Goo on the corners of the mouth. An oily sheen on the skin. The devil is in the details. CGI is just too clean. That’s why it’s so easy to detect. Where’s the ear and nose hair? Black heads? You get the gross picture. Give it another 5 years and the Movie Looker may become a reality.

    • manwithaplan

      Corrrect me if I’ve wrong, but I don’t think we need another five years to add black heads and nose hairs… these are just details and this is just a demo. These problem is not that but his robotic motion. His facts moves like Data from Star Trek.

      • manwithaplan

        *face… not facts

  • Kenkire

    Ummm… Where is his tongue? The rest is awesome, but without the inside of his mouth, it’s creepy.

  • Ryan

    Article says it is running on a GTX 680… Video says it is running on a Titan.

    • Gamechup

      Fixed. Thanks, Ryan. The Epic Games one was running on a GTX 680.

  • Blenge_Squelch

    Sorry, but why do people insist on whoring over uber-realistic graphics? If games become so realistic that they emulate real life, what’s the point of playing them?

    • HulloMan

      Because you cant shoot hundreds of people in slow motion while jumping off rooftops using a jet pack and laser vision in real life. XD

  • Matt Booth

    Err, this was created by NVidia, not Activision.

  • mark

    This was actually made by Nvidia.
    This is also just a rendered head; although it looks amazing, imagine the performance hit when you put in into a game. Don’t get too hyped up about something until you see gameplay people.

    • dark_flame360

      The article clearly states “This is something that won’t be put into games any time soon since this level of quality cannot be achieved on many platforms”.

  • TheKlot

    wow…. just wow… i’m gonna need a bigger card….

  • Martin

    I have the Impression this is more realistic than some of the real actors (lol)