Activision Has Just Bought King (Candy Crush) For A Whopping $5.9billion

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Activision have just announced that they have bought the makers of Candy Crush for $5.9 billion. Candy Crush is incredibly popular on Facebook and mobiles and generates a lot of revenue each year.

One might wonder why they didn’t spend some of their money for investing in new studios for AAA games but King Digital Entertaiment just hit the jackpot.

Here’s their press release.

The combined revenues and profits solidify our position as the largest, most profitable standalone company in interactive entertainment.

With a combined global network of more than half a billion monthly active users, our potential to reach audiences around the world on the device of their choosing enables us to deliver great games to even bigger audiences than ever before.

Activision will get an access to 340 million userbase after this purchase so it’s not a bad deal after all.

We will keep you updated once we hear more on this.