5 PS4 Exclusives That You Can Buy At Launch

2. Infamous: Second Son

This game needs no introduction. Made by Sucker Punch, it’s an open world game and showcases the power of the PS4 considering it has tons of visual effects on the screen. It is a launch game for the PS4 and is set in Seattle and features a likable protagonist.

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    >Killzone Shadow Fall

    >The Order: 1886

    >Final Fantasy XV

    >Kingdom Hearts 3


    >Infamous: Second Son

    >Drive Club

    >Gran Turismo 6

    >Mad Max: The Road Warrior

    >Elder Scrolls ONLINE


    >Watch Dogs

    >Last Guardian


    >Planetside 2

    >Red Barrels’ Outlast

    >Secret Ponchos

    >Diablo III

    >Blacklight: Retribution

    >Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee

    >Ray’s The Dead

    >Sniper Elite III

    >DC Universe Online


    >Planetside 2.

    >War Thunder

    >Indies, Indies, Indies

    • graham

      ffxv and kh3 are on xbox one too retard

      • Andres

        calm down faggot. I’m sorry your father abuses you but that’s no need to get carried away over a simple mistake… wtf has the world come to.

  • Steven

    Infamous won’t be released at launch… Q1 2014

    • mocky

      yeah, febuary

  • WellWisher

    I don’t understand why Knack wouldn’t please the hardcore audience. It looks like the only launch exclusive with any originality.

    • andres

      Because… it looks like a disney movie. hardcore audience is more like assassins creed, Gta, battlefield…etc

      • WellWisher

        Oh. I call those people ‘dudebros’. Hardcore gamers in my mind will play anything with a metacritic score over around 75 regardless of art style. Hardcore film buffs watch Disney movies.