3DS Price Drop to $139.99, Blue 3DS XL with Mario Kart to cost $199.99

Nintendo 3DS will get a price drop in about two weeks from now, according to a new rumour on CAG.

Be informed that this is a rumour right now, but it looks like the guy is confident about his sources, and there are already deals going on where you can get the system for $129.99. Nintendo has been doing decently in US and EU, and doing exceptionally well in Japan, so a price drop to bump up things sounds plausible at this stage.

This rumour should be taken with a grain of salt, but it’s looking quite accurate considering Nintendo has to make that push in the western markets since the 3DS has been getting plenty software support from first and third-party developers.

If true, this will be bad news for the PS Vita, which has been struggling in almost all the regions. It is not confirmed whether Sony will drop the system’s price anytime soon, but it is said that the system sold really well during Black Friday.

However, we will just wait for the numbers, because word-of-mouth doesn’t really mean much without facts. CAG is also reporting that the Blue 3DS will cost $199.99.

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