3DS almost hacked, custom code shown running on the system

New reports are coming in from various sources that some hackers have been able to run custom code on the 3DS.

The 3DS hacking scene is almost two years old now, and while there were some minor attempts earlier at compromising the system when it launched, it looks like the efforts have intensified resulting in some major breakthroughs.

Tiny Cartridge has posted a picture of a 3DS that shows custom code being executed on the system. Nintendo DS was hacked fairly early in its lifecycle but it went on to become one of the largest selling game consoles of all time.

Will the same thing result with the 3DS? Only time will tell. However, most people are upset with Nintendo’s decision to region lock the system, and that has been the major motive behind hackers to break it open, so that you will be able to buy import systems and games.

A hacker named Coder Xcution has posted a test of his custom code and it works as you can see in the image below.

Another hacker named Neimod has claimed that he has full control of the 3DS in kernel mode and it was achieved using an unspecified retail game. He has mentioned that with “full kernel control, anything is possible.” He also has no interest in running pirated software on it, like any good hacker would say.

3ds hacking

Is region lock enough of an incentive to see the system potentially opened to piracy? Let us know what you think.