2013 Xbox Live public beta for Xbox 360 now closed

Major Nelson has revealed that they have closed registrations for 2013 Xbox Live public beta for Xbox 360, which allows gamers to test out new fixes and also conduct transactions in their own currency instead of Microsoft Points.

xbox 360

The points system was discontinued recently and Microsoft has switched to a normal way of operation, instead of the confusing one before.

Did you get in the public beta? There has been an overwhelming amount of people signing up for the beta and that’s the reason why it was closed, but they have mentioned that if they reopen it later, they will announce it officially.

You could previously join the beta using the title on your Xbox 360 dashboard. You can follow the same method if they reopen the beta. You will also have to sign an NDA if you choose to join it.

If you are already in, let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.

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    I’m in and nothing is happening yet